Send gifts to the Philippines

Gone are the days of going to different websites to send gift, send loads, and send money to the Philippines. From one website and one account you can send a loved one a load, flowers, chocolates, mobile phones, money (coming soon), computers, and prepaid internet cafe time. Our prepaid internet cafe time is like nothing in the world today. It allows you to pay for their internet cafe usage without sending them money. Maybe you have a fiancé in the Philippines, or a relative that is in college, or just a friend you want to chat with online? Now it is possible to pay those cafe fees for them with our partnered I-Cafe program.

Once you sign up for free you can log in and watch a video on how it works. Our site is so simple to use and easy as 1,2,3.
  1. Purchase credits
  2. Select the products you want to send to your loved ones.
  3. Press SEND and the balance are deducted from your PayMyCafe account!
From there leave the REST to us!

So Send Gifts Now

The Easy Way!

Send loads to the Philippines!

Purchase load from any network (Sun Cellular, Smart, Globe Network & Touch Mobile) from 15 pesos to 1000 pesos! Register now and start sending loads!

Buy Internet Cafe Time! is a prepaid internet payment gateway that allows customers to pay for internet usage in affiliated internet shops in the Philippines from anywhere in the world.

To OFWs and Balikbayans!

Kung ikaw ay isang OFW o di kaya isang Balikbayan, ikaw ay kwalipikado para sa limampung porsyento diskwento ng aming Prepaid Internet Cafe Time!