Send prepaid internet time to the Philippines

We provide and easy and convenient way for Internet Cafe's to get paid using the latest in technology. Many young men and women in the philippines find it difficult to pay for internet cafe time due to the poor economy of the Philippines. Many relatives or fiance's of filipina's and filipino's live abroad in the US, UK and other countries around the world. Those living abroad can now easily pay for cafe time without sending large amounts of money through western union or other money sending services and avoid their fees.

Want to chat and see your fiance on Yahoo Messenger?

Want to see your relatives on web cam back home in the Philippines?

Want to help your family members that are in college to pay for their internet and computer time?

Want to avoid sending money through western union just to use the internet cafe?

We have the answers here. Prepaid Internet time for just a very small fee per hour!! We pay the cafe for you! We have an extensive network of interent cafe's using our service, that will allow your loved ones to use cafe time free to them. You can pay for your relative or friends cafe time from the comfort of your home using your credit or debit card. You then can credit interenet time to anyone you like how ever many hours you like. We have a easy and user freindly site to make it easy for you!

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Purchase load from any network (Sun Cellular, Smart, Globe Network & Touch Mobile) from 15 pesos to 1000 pesos! Register now and start sending loads!

Buy Internet Cafe Time! is a prepaid internet payment gateway that allows customers to pay for internet usage in affiliated internet shops in the Philippines from anywhere in the world.

To OFWs and Balikbayans!

Kung ikaw ay isang OFW o di kaya isang Balikbayan, ikaw ay kwalipikado para sa limampung porsyento diskwento ng aming Prepaid Internet Cafe Time!