• What is paymycafe?
  • Paymycafe is a payment gateway for prepaid internet time, sending loads, Gifts, and other Electronic Products to the Philippines. Soon you will be able to Send Money to anyone in the Philippines with a Smart Money Mastertcard with a $5.00 minumum. Paymycafe has developed software that manages internet cafes and enables them to process the prepaid internet time transactions. The Internet cafes are paid electronically buy Paymycafe daily.
  • How can I purchase paymycafe credits?
  • Simply SIGN UP. Then CLICK to the BUY CREDITS button and purchase credits with your Credit Card or PayPal. These Credits can then be used to dispense Cell Phone Loads, Send Gifts, Issue Prepaid Internet Time and soon to Send Money to the Philippines.
  • What is a Load?
  • Load is the term used in the Philippines for Prepaid Cell Phone air time. The vast majority of Filipinos use prepaid cell phones. These phones have an electronic wallet that can be loaded.
  • Do you have more information about your site?
  • Yes. In fact our team is currently updating our knowledge database to be posted here.
  • Why do I have to upload an ID?
  • We sell electronice products that cannot be reversed. Credit Card Fraud is on the rise, once the product is dispensed we cannot take it back in the event of fraud. By requiring ID Paymycafe protects itself and protects you from someone using your Credit Card on our website. We do not wait for chargebacks to occur. All suspicios transactions without ID being submitted are refunded within 7 days.
  • Is there another way to verify my ID other than uploading it?
  • YES! You can simply VIDEO CHAT with us in Yahoo Messanger or Gtalk and show us your ID and Credit Card and we will Unlock your purchasing in real time. Please Chat with us at the follwing: Paymycafe@yahoo.com Paymycafetech@gmail.com

Send loads to the Philippines!

Purchase load from any network (Sun Cellular, Smart, Globe Network & Touch Mobile) from 15 pesos to 1000 pesos! Register now and start sending loads!

Buy Internet Cafe Time!

Paymycafe.com is a prepaid internet payment gateway that allows customers to pay for internet usage in affiliated internet shops in the Philippines from anywhere in the world.

To OFWs and Balikbayans!

Kung ikaw ay isang OFW o di kaya isang Balikbayan, ikaw ay kwalipikado para sa limampung porsyento diskwento ng aming Prepaid Internet Cafe Time!