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Paymycafe.com offers various services for different groups of clients.

1. Online payment service for customers outside the Philippines.

This service allows customers outside the Philippines to:

  • Pay for internet time usage in affiliated internet shops in the Philippines from anywhere in the world.
  • Send prepaid mobile phone loads to loved ones, friends and relatives anywhere in the Philippines.
  • Purchase other prepaid air time or loads.

Prepaid internet time usage.

A convenient way to connect with friends and relatives in the Philippines through internet access facilities such as internet cafes and shops, customers abroad can pay online for internet time usage. This service eliminates the need for Philippine-based internet users to spend from their pockets for internet access services.

Using this feature is easy. Register for free by simply signing-up or logging in (if already registered). The system will allow the customer to buy credits corresponding to the desired length of internet time usage (referred to as transaction) using Paypal or credit cards. A transaction number shall be issued which may be used at any internet cafe in the Philippines affiliated with Paymycafe.com.

Cellphone and non-cellphone loads

Customers abroad may now send prepaid mobile phone loads to the Philippines through Paymycafe.com.

On top of this, other prepaid loads and services may be purchased such as Dream Satellite, ISP Bonanza, PLDT Vibe and many more.

2. Advertising

Electronic advertising through Paymycafe.com is open for government or non-government individual and institutions, entrepreneurs and corporate clients. Paymycafe.com offers a variety of rates to choose from. Advertising in our website is a bonus feature depending on the advertising material the client chooses. To know more and to advertise with us click here.