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About Us

Paymycafe.com is a prepaid internet payment gateway that allows customers to pay for internet usage in affiliated internet shops in the Philippines from anywhere in the world.


The use of the internet has intricately found its way to be part of the mainstream activities of peoples of this new age. The internet has provided not just a convenient but a very efficient tool to gain access to information, to entertain, to transact business or simply to communicate with the rest of the world.

In the Philippines, internet utilization has been widely used as a telecommunications medium and this phenomenon has never been confined to the whims of an upscale urban living. Whether one lives in a fast-paced metro or in one of the quiet locations in the rural islands, people from almost all walks of life do access the internet – a demonstration how telecommunications in the country has evolved from the conventional snail mail to the web-based social networks.

There is an increasing market for internet access services in the country; however, there is also a wide gap between accessing internet services and the large segment of potential local customers whose major hindrance is their financial limitations to pay for such services. Paymycafe.com was established to provide an easy online payment service to narrow this gap.

In July 28, 2010, during the soft launching of the Pilipinas I-Café Consumer Cooperative, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the I-Café Pilipinas and Paymycafe.com signifying their partnership in the promotion of the Paymycafe's business model.